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Issues with my business partner and the bank
Here is a previous case by *** (Identity withheld for privacy reasons).

I have a business dispute with the bank and my partner WMA who moved the account. The name of the business is Toscano Floors Design LLC. I am an officer of the corporation and my partner, closed out the account at Chase and opened one at Bank of America. He lied on the application, and now they aren't giving me access to the account. This is a business where all the transactions are done through debit or credit and they refuse to give me access even though I have a judicial order from a judge of the Supreme Court to get access. Chase complied and gave me access as they tried to lock me out as well. Once he found out he moved the account to Bank of America and they won't give me access to the account. I need you to call Bank of America's legal team. I have all the documents for them. I also cannot run payroll and this has been going on for 2 or 3 months. I received the order from the court on January 5th, where the judge gave me complete access to all accounts and he has not complied. I filed contempt in court against him, and the hearing is on the 27th of June. I need payroll and can't access the Bank of America account. They don't understand the order given by the court, the legal department isn't understanding it right. I can't wait that long as my business and employees are suffering. I need intervention from another source.

The issue is not only with him and Bank of America, but he also illegally transferred a cell number that was used for sale, belonging to an account to which he was not managing. He was not supposed to touch that AT&T number, and between T-Mobile and AT&T, I don’t know how he did it. I had the number, and he took it and put it in his name and AT&T refuses to put it back. It belonged to a pool of numbers that we use for employees and salespeople. It has been there for 13 years and he removed it and is using it under his name to steal clients.

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