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FedEx lost my package
Here is a previous case by *** (Identity withheld for privacy reasons).

I have been getting the run around from every attorney so I need your help. I was supposed to receive a package from my attorney containing documents related to a malpractice lawsuit I have had going on with a hospital for 4 years and FedEx lost my package. I was supposed to receive the package almost two weeks ago. I contacted FedEx several times asking them where my package was and on July 30th at 9:00 am I spoke to a representative who confirmed that my package was at the FedEx office on 950 Bennett Rd, Orlando FL 32803. On Aug 3rd after work, I went to the FedEx office and sat there for 45 minutes before I was informed that my package was lost. The representative who assisted me took all my information and advice that I will be contacted. I called their number that evening and I was advised by another representative that whether they found my package or not I would be contacted but I have been waiting 2-3 days now and haven't heard back from them. I called them again today and they are telling me that my package is definitely at the location, just that they cannot find it. They verified that my package was last scanned by the driver at the location but the driver seemed to have lost it.

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