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Posted by Donesia - 10-25-2022, 01:39 PM
On Citibank's website it lists all the current credit cards with their cardmember agreements. Every card issued by Citibank that is not cobranded (ex: the Costco Citi card) has the same agreement. I have pasted a link for that agreement below and attached it as a pdf.  This agreement contains an arbitration provision which requires arbitration in the event of a dispute. I cannot find any information on the Citibank Dividend card because it's not issued anymore.  However, one would think all current Citibank credit cardholders (again cards that are not cobranded) have been notified that they are operating under this cardmember agreement.  However, there is no way to be sure without a copy of the agreement.  It is possible for the client to request a copy of his credit card agreement.  If you click on the second link it states: To Request a Copy of Your Card Agreement:  If you're an existing cardmember, please sign in and  navigate to Credit Card Services from the Services link in the Menu and request a copy of your Card Agreement.

Credit card agreement:

Here is a link to the webpage which lists all the credit cards they currently offer with the agreements.

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